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The First Electric Solution for Effortless Family Adventures

Are you tired of compromising on your outdoor adventures because the trailer is too heavy?
Experience the future of active living with Bergmobil, the first versatile electric solution for running, cycling, and walking.

What makes us special?


Bergmobil is an add-on kit, which will be available for different brands and stroller types.

Bring your kids, pets or cargo with ease!


Bergmobil assists independent of the mode, so it can be used for running, cycling, and walking.

Simplify sports, commuting, grocery shopping and more.


Using Bergmobil is very intuitive, you don’t need to regulate the speed, our advanced controls algorithm does it for you.

No force sensors required.

Our Innovation

Bergmobil – the first electric motorization kit designed specifically for multi-sport trailers. Our advanced controls algorithm is a game-changer, capable of eliminating the external force required to push or pull the trailer, effectively making the trailer feel weightless in motion. Furthermore, it breaks when going downhill, even recuperating the energy. What sets Bergmobil apart is its unparalleled versatility – seamlessly transitioning between cycling, running, and walking modes without sacrificing ease of use. Plus, it doesn’t require additional sensors to measure input force.

About us

At Bergmobil, we’re a family on a mission. As avid outdoor enthusiasts, we refused to let the arrival of our little one slow us down. Yet, pulling her in a trailer while cycling or pushing her uphill during runs and walks presented a major hurdle towards bringing her on our activities. Determined to find a solution, we were baffled by the lack of electric options for multi-sport strollers. Driven by our background in engineering and a love of tinkering, we took matters into our own hands, starting out in our living room. With experience from PhD work in control engineering that translated perfectly to this application, we were able to build, test and improve our prototype, now relying on it every single day.

Bringing Bergmobil to Market

We’re excited to announce that we’re not stopping at the prototype stage. We’re gearing up to take Bergmobil from prototype to serial production, making it accessible to families everywhere. Stay tuned for updates on our journey to bring this innovative solution to the market. Help us out by signing up to our newsletter:


Run with no additional effort – even a finger is enough to push the stroller uphill. Bergmobil enables new running adventures, you can not only take your kids but load all the gear and cargo you want.


Attach the trailer to any bike and cycle as you would without the trailer. With a single battery charge, you can go for around 50km, a spare battery extends the range.


When you want to go uphill or push heavy loads, walking too can be quite strenuous. Not with Bergmobil.

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